OATLEY VINEYARD Wine Information Sheet:                                        Jane’s 2016


Oatley Jane’s 2016

Grape variety:  Madeleine Angevine (100%)

Quality status:  English Wine PDO - Protected Designation of Origin (Certificate ref: STPDO 11479)

Grape source:   Oatley Vineyard, Cannington, Somerset. Vineyard parcels: Madeleine upper block, Madeleine lower block. Trained on 90 cm-high wire, pruned to double guyot. No herbicide or artificial fertiliser. Some fungicides, well below permitted levels, applied on integrated pest management principles.


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Growing Season: Buds were early after a warm winter but a spell of frosty nights in Apr slowed things up to a week behind normal. We had a few frosted shoots in the lower Madeleine block but only a slight loss of yield overall. Early summer was showery but a hot spell in July finished off the fruit-set nicely.  Ripening continued a little late but then a wonderful dry, warm autumn ripened the fruit fast and well and the Madeleine Angevine grapes were harvested in the last week of September, as normal. Quality was fantastic – no disease, a few bunches damaged by wasps but no general wasp attack. A very few bird losses at very top by the hedge.

Harvest: 25th Sep 2016. Grapes pictured above, a week before harvest and the half-loaded trailer at coffee time on harvest day.  The trailer was under a marquee to ensure the grapes stayed dry. Jane’s blogpost about the harvest day here >>.  Weather mainly dry, sunny and warm with the odd light shower, 19C max.. Grapes, clean, exceptional condition, no wasp, little bird damage, no disease.

Vinification:  Winemaker: Steve Brooksbank, Bagborough Lane, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 6SX. Crushing/pressing 26th Sep. Sugar 73 Oechsle, acid 8.5 g/l acid. Vinified in stainless steel tanks. Bottled 28 Feb 2017: clear, lighter weight (400g) 75cl Bordeaux bottles sealed with high quality traditional cork. Label FSC certified Tintoretto paper. 1700 bottles made. We have kept a little of this wine back in our barrique, for future blending and to keep the barrique in good condition. (The best way to keep a barrel hydrated and fresh is to keep wine in it)

Release Date:  1 May 2017  

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  1. Alcohol 11.52%

  2. Total acidity 7.4 g/l

  3. pH 3.12

  4. Sugar < 1.0 g/l

  5. Total dry extract 18.0 g/l

  6. Free sulphur dioxide 27 mg/l

  7. Total sulphur dioxide 64 mg/l

  8. Copper < 0.10 mg/l

  9. Iron 0.18 mg/l

  10. Yeasts, bacteria, moulds: nil

  11. protein stability: stable

  12. chill stability: stable

Independent post-bottling analysis by Campden BRI Ltd, Coopers Hill Rd, Nutfield, Surrey RH1 4HY, conducted 3rd Apr 2017