COVID 19 Safety Briefing

We hope these precautions will keep us all safe and allow you to relax and enjoy your visit in outdoor, spacious surroundings with sanitised facilities. We have Visit England's "Good-to-Go" and the more rigorous AA Covid-19-confident accreditation, which means our risk assessment, customer arrangements, website explanation and this briefing have been independently audited.

Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. If you or any of your party are showing symptoms or have been in recent contact with COVID-19 please cancel. We will happily rebook and will not be at all upset by short notice.

We collect your name and telephone number or e-mail address when you book. We also have the NHS track and trace QR code pinned up clearly. Government guidance requires the name and contact details of the person booking (not everyone in the group) to be available for track-and-trace for 21 days after your visit.

We are booking one party at a time, with time between to re-sanitise.

Our guided tasting is under an open-sided gazebo in front of the farmhouse, with plenty of space. There is no need to wear a face covering unless you wish to, or you suffer from hay fever which may make you sneeze. (We have meadow grasses, trees and other flowering plants close to our tasting area so if you are allergic you may wish to bring a scarf).

When you arrive, please sanitise your hands before you touch anything, using the foot operated sanitiser-dispenser under our tasting tent. There are tissues and pedal bin there too.

Our two collies, Jack and Benji, are very friendly and will greet you with enthusiasm. Please try not to touch them, (their fur could act as a vector and spraying them with antiseptic is not a great option for them.) You are welcome to throw sticks for them if you don't mind being pestered for more. If you or your own dogs would prefer not to meet them, let us know in advance and we shall shut them in the house before your arrival time.

If you have booked a do it yourself tasting your only contact with us is to be greeted with your box of chilled wines and self-guide leaflets. Everything in the box will have been hygienically handled.

At our tasting table during private tastings we aim to maintain 2m distancing between ourselves and you. If you are from different households you are welcome to manage distancing within your group by re-arranging chairs as you wish, when you sit down.  Our tasting normally consists of 4 of our own current releases. We will wear a mask while we pour if necessary. We ask that you do not handle the bottles, though of course you can look at them.

Tasting glasses are washed in our dishwasher at sterilising temperature and set out with careful hygiene for you to pick up your own. During the epidemic we will not be serving nibbles or putting refrigerated water bottles on the table as we normally do, so please feel free to bring your own. You can download our tasting list and print it to bring with you if you wish (link below). We will use laminated lists which are sanitised between users if you do not bring your own.

We shall offer a walk around the vineyard to show you the vines and tell you about how we manage them. There is plenty of space. Please observe 2m distancing. If you prefer we can give you a leaflet to guide yourselves.

You are welcome to picnic in the vineyard. There are tables and chairs under trees at the top of the vineyard, well away from anything else, which you can walk to, or drive to over the grass provided the ground is not too soft. Or bring a rug or picnic chairs of your own if you prefer. One of the tables in the picnic area is under a gazebo.

We of course hope you'll like our wines enough to take some home, though don't feel obliged to buy. We have a QR code in our picnic areas that links to our "Virtual Cellar Door Shop"  so you can order from there and we'll have the bottles packed ready for you when you leave, so you dont have to interact with our card machine. Payments by card are preferably contactless. We accept normal contactless cards, Apple Pay, PayPal.Me and direct PayPal payments to If none of these work for you, you can use our card machine and will use sterile wipes to clean it for you.

Our bottles are carefully hygienically packed in new cardboard boxes and they are marked with the packing date for you to see whether you to judge quarantine if you wish.

Our visitor toilet is in the house, close to the door. The hallway and bathroom will be well ventilated.  If you need to wait please do so ourtside the house because the corridor is too narrow for distancing. There will be soap, hand-sanitiser, antiseptic spray, paper towels and a non-touch pedal bin for you to use. The toilet, washbasin and touch points, including dispensers, will have been disinfected before you arrive and will be solely for your use during your visit. If your party contains separate households, or unusually there is another party overlapping your visit (it can happen with picnicking), we ask that you spray and wipe what you have touched, but if you are all from one household, normal hygiene is fine. Please put used paper towel and any wipes in the bin, not the toilet. The drainage/septic tank doesn't cope with wet strength!

Please get in touch and let us know if there is something we haven't covered or you have any questions.

Iain and Jane Awty

Oatley Vineyard

August 2020

Dowload our Tasting list to print and bring with you if you wish (we shall have laminated and sanitised ones here so it's not essential)

Download our vineyard sketch map