Our Philosophy

We aim to:

-  grow the best grapes we can every year, with no herbicides, using good husbandry to minimise the need for fungicides;

-  make fully dry, delicious wines, only from our own grapes, that reflect the vines, the place and the year: terroir-driven wines;

-  to use minimum intervention winemaking and low levels of sulphur;

-  to submit all our wines to external quality analysis;

-  to use lower weight bottles to keep our carbon footprint low;

-  to use high quality traditional corks to help maintain the important mixed cork oak ecology in Portugal;

-  to sell mainly directly within the southwest of England to keep our "wine miles' low;

-  to maintain our old vines in good health for as long as we can, keeping our traditional aromatic white wine grape varieties;

-  to keep a cover of naturally regenerated sward to maintain soil health and capture carbon;

-  to promote biodiversity by letting our alleys come up to seed in May and June, letting our hedges spread and keeping a naturally regenerating wild area next to the vineyard

-  to stay small and make only wines that we like to drink, from vines tended mainly by our own hands.