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Accessibility and Safety

Below is some information to help you enjoy your time at Oatley

Image of child standing under umbrella in front of the wine tasting tent


We do not have a purpose built visitor centre and the main facilities are outside under marquees.  Toilets are in the 300 year old farmhouse, which wasn't build for accessibility and has a small step in the corridor, which is possible to navigate in a wheelchair although may require assistance.

The main picnic sites are in the vineyard, it is possible to take a car to them if required for access.


Safety in the vineyard

We generally down tools for weekend visitors but it is a working vineyard and there may be tools and implements that should be avoided.


Beyond the usual countryside lookouts of nettles, insects, etc, we have two collies and a spaniel who enjoy digging for voles, creating some sizeable holes in the ground which can be dangerous, especially when wandering off the main tracks.


Sensible shoes are highly recommended

The vineyard dogs, Jack, Benji and Nell in an alley between the vines

Children, Dogs etc

Dogs and children are most welcome.  The vineyard is a wonderful place for dogs to be off the lead (if you are confident on recall - there are no fences), or just a stroll around the vines.


Although there are no child specific activities, children often love running around the open space and playing with the vineyard dogs, especially the collies who will chase sticks for hours.

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